Project Description

James decided to move from South Essex to Shalford to renew his family ties and to fulfil his aim of renovating an older property.

The Problem
The property is part of a terrace of three houses, built in the 1920s. They are of solid wall construction, with electric heating as there is no gas available in the area. The houses were cold and very expensive to heat and the lintels above the windows had perished.

The Solution
External Wall Insulation
James investigated the possibility of external wall insulation to his and the neighbouring property and was able to take advantage of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund which contributed towards the cost. He arranged for the lintels to be replaced, built a porch on his property and appointed InBuild to carry out the external wall insulation. There is a newer extension on the rear of the adjoining property, so this was filled with cavity wall insulation and then given a coat of render to match the rest of the building. The transformation is amazing and both households are already feeling the benefit of a warmer home, without the worry of escalating heating bills.

Solar PV
James was also keen to generate his own electricity as this is his only source of heating other than a log burner. There is an extension on the side of his house which had a flat roof so a pitched roof was built over it to take advantage of the south facing elevation. James required planning consent for the installation of Solar PV and the plans were passed on the basis that the panels should be built in to the roof space rather than sit on rails. InBuild worked with British manufacturer GB-Sol who designed a bespoke roof integrated mounting system that made the most of the available roof space. The GB-Sol panels are made with hidden horizontal bus-bars to maximise the black appearance. InBuild fitted the panels and ensured a neat finish with the roof tiles around the edge of the array. As a result the Solar PV system blends into the roof space, in line with the consent from the planning department. James is already generating his own electricity, and with the Government Feed-in-Tariff he will save even more money.