Project Description

Graham and Liz King have lived in their 1930s detached house for 14 years. The house is north-facing so the rooms at the front were cold, and at the side of the house, the stair wall always felt cold to touch. The external render was in a bad state of repair and the tiled window sills had become damaged over the years. Painting no longer improved the appearance of the outside walls so Graham had a quote to re-render the property.

By coincidence, he then saw some council owned houses nearby being refurbished with external wall insulation, and he decided to pursue this option as it gave him insulation as well as a new coat of render.

The Result
Graham and Liz had heard of InBuild and checked the website for more information. They were impressed with the service that InBuild offered and accepted the quote for external wall insulation.

100mm polystyrene insulation board was used on the King’s property with a through colour textured silicone top coat. The old tiled sills were replaced, as were all the downpipes, gutters and air vents. Essentially, the entire exterior has been completely transformed; character details like the timber rafter feet have been retained, but everything else is new and maintenance-free.