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    Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – details announced today

Green Deal Home Improvement Fund – details announced today

It was announced today that from 9am on Wednesday 10 December, the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) will open to new applications. Up to £30 million in vouchers will be available, with up to £24 million of that specifically for solid wall insulation.

DECC has confirmed that the funding provides 67% of the cost, up to a maximum of £4000 for solid wall insulation. Customers who have purchased their property in the last 12 months may be eligible for an additional £500 home buyers bonus. There is also a refund of up to £100 for a Green Deal Advice Report, subject to a successful voucher application.

In order to claim your voucher you will need:
• A Green Deal Advice Report (GDAR) or Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is less than 2 years old
• A quote from a GDHIF registered installer for work specified on the GDAR/EPC

An Important Message to InBuild Customers

Earlier this year, £70 million in vouchers was claimed in just a few days so we expect this funding to be taken up very quickly. We encourage householders who wish to proceed with external wall insulation to apply for their voucher this Wednesday, when the scheme opens to new applications.

InBuild is a registered GDHIF installer, so if you have a quote from us for external wall insulation and a valid GDAR or EPC that recommends this measure, then you are ready to make your application. If you have any queries or concerns about making the application, please call our Customer Support Team on 01268 724455 (select option 1 and then 1 again) before Wednesday 10 December.

We are currently issuing revised quotations showing the GDHIF discount that applies to each quotation. If you [...]

Essex Insulation reveals new company name – InBuild

The Past

Our founder, Paul Wray, was working as an electrician when the first national building standards were introduced in 1965. For the first time, there was a recommended minimum depth for loft insulation. Paul recognised a gap in the market for a dedicated loft insulation installer and Essex Insulation was founded as a result in 1966 to service the new build sector.

Paul sourced an agricultural machine capable of ‘shredding’ polystyrene, and he collected waste material from local businesses to recycle it into useable loft insulation. The Company was already actively practising sustainability in the 1960s!
Before long, Local Authorities latched on to the benefits of insulation and the Company broadened its market to service council contracts.

In the 1980s, the Distribution Division was set up by Paul’s son Andy, who still heads up this thriving department today.

The Present

Since Essex Insulation was established in 1966 it has grown and diversified significantly, earning an enviable reputation over the years. As a consequence, the name no longer reflects the geographical reach nor the multi-sector solutions we offer today. So as the Company approaches its 50th anniversary we have decided to change its name.
We are proud to announce the launch of InBuild which will continue to operate under the Wray family ownership, with an emphasis on quality of workmanship and exceptional customer care.
The Future

Our mission is to build a sustainable future for all. Our goal is to be the leading provider of energy efficiency technologies into the living and working environment. By focusing on technical excellence, quality workmanship, exceptional customer service and progress through people we will be the partner of choice to those who share our vision.

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Company Estimator suggests new name for Essex Insulation

Since the company was established in 1966 under the original name of Essex Insulation, it has grown and diversified significantly. From the early days of commercial insulation supply and fit, the company also now offers external wall insulation, heating, plumbing and renewables to householders, landlords, contractors and Local Authorities.

Essex Insulation has earned an enviable reputation over the years. However, the name no longer reflects the wide range of products and services provided, so as the company approaches its 50th anniversary we have decided to change its name.

Finding a name that doesn’t limit the company’s diversification was harder than we thought. So we decided to engage our staff in the decision making process and we asked them for suggestions. We were amazed at the response; we had some excellent ideas, complete with detailed explanations in some cases. One of our Estimator’s, Sven De Brun, came up with an idea that doesn’t limit us by region or product and gives us scope to add other building and energy related services in the future.

Sven was presented with £100 worth of vouchers by the Managing Director, Simon Wray, in recognition of his significant contribution to the renaming process.
The company will continue to operate as a family run business with an emphasis on quality and customer care. As always, traditional values are combined with a wealth of expertise to ensure that our customers benefit from the highest level of service.

We look forward to the challenges and rewards of the next 50 years under our new name … which will be revealed in just a few weeks. Watch this space!

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Energy Efficiency Funding

More people will be able to enjoy warmer homes this winter as a result of an additional £100 million announced today for household energy efficiency.

Applications for a new phase of the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund, designed to help people make energy saving improvements to their home, will open to households before the end of November.

Further details including terms and conditions, rates and all measures to be covered will be announced in November.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Edward Davey said:
“More money means more people can live in warmer, greener homes sooner.”
“Green Deal Home Improvement Fund vouchers went like hot cakes earlier in the year and now even more people can cut their energy bills by making their homes more energy efficient.”

Energy and Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said:
“Over three quarters of a million homes have already had energy saving improvements installed as a result of the Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal schemes and it makes sense to help even more families install measures so that they see the benefits of lower bills and a warmer home for years to come.”

The £100 million announced today is in addition to the £450 million allocated to household energy efficiency over three years, which was announced in December 2013.
Essex Insulation will contact all those customers who still have quotes outstanding as soon as details of the new scheme are announced.

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    UK householders worried about rising fuel bills according to recent survey

UK householders worried about rising fuel bills according to recent survey

In August 2014 energy supplier, Co-operative Energy, carried out a survey of 2000 householders in the UK. They found that many families are planning to prioritise energy bills ahead of the weekly shop and Christmas presents this year. Over 45% of bill payers are more concerned about the affordability of bills this year than they were in 2013.
Concern over energy bills means that 41% of those surveyed indicated that they would have to tighten the purse strings in the winter months in order to have enough money for energy bills.
The recession appears to have had a significant effect on the way households prepare for higher winter energy bills: 57% of those surveyed said that they had actively put money aside to cover energy bills. More than half of those surveyed said that they have been forced to make spending sacrifices elsewhere in order to have enough money for energy bills, with 37% stating that they had forgone a summer holiday to save money.
A recent international survey found that 64% of people are more worried about rising energy bills than they are about paying their mortgage or rent. As a result, homeowners are becoming more proactive about improving the energy efficiency of their homes.
Caroline Flint, Shadow Secretary of State for Energy & Climate Change commented this week that insulating homes in the UK would help millions of people to permanently cut their energy bills.

So how can you cut your energy bills?

• Turn appliances off when they’re not in use rather than leaving them on standby and turn lights off when you leave a room.
• Use kitchen appliances carefully – only boil the amount of water you need each time, rather than filling [...]

InBuild Official Sponsor for NIA Conference

The National Insulation Association’s (NIA) Annual Conference and Exhibition will take place at the Hinckley Island Hotel, on Thursday 4th December 2014, and Essex Insulation is this year’s headline sponsor.

The NIA Annual Conference is now firmly regarded as the insulation industry event of the year with over 350 delegates expected to attend.

Mike Easdon, Sales & Marketing Director at Essex Insulation said, “The theme of this year’s conference is Building a Sustainable Future for the Industry. We are delighted to be sponsoring this particular event because the theme reflects our own company ethos which is to deliver total project solutions across multiple market sectors. The conference promises to be extremely positive, with a strong focus on accessing achievable opportunities in new build, retrofit and commercial markets.”

Essex Insulation currently works across a number of market sectors, from domestic householders and landlords through to commercial contractors, Local Authorities and Housing Associations. With nearly 50 years of experience in commercial new build and retrofit insulation, Essex Insulation has the technical expertise to give advice on Building Regulations, SAP and U-Value calculations to assist clients in delivering their carbon reduction, energy saving or thermal upgrade obligations.

A multi-measure approach enables Essex Insulation to provide ‘whole house solutions’, with business activities ranging from thermal and acoustic insulation through to heating, plumbing and renewables. The company specialises in using innovative, cost-effective solutions in order to create sustainable, energy efficient buildings for the benefit of future generations.

Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the NIA commented: “The NIA would like to thank Essex Insulation and its other members for supporting the event this year; their support not only enables us to offer additional items during the day and evening, but also aids in raising [...]

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    Estimating team adapt Insulation & Dry Lining specification to reduce client cost by 28%

Estimating team adapt Insulation & Dry Lining specification to reduce client cost by 28%

Essex Insulation has just completed an insulation and dry lining job at a large new build property in Howe Green. We were asked to insulate the sloping rafters in the loft space and vaulted ceilings in two of the bedrooms and the dining area.

Our estimating team was able to adapt the specification to use an alternative product that still achieved the required U-Values. This reduced the cost to the client by 28%. We also adapted the method applied to the exposed steel beams to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The sloping rafters in the loft space were insulated as part of a ‘warm roof’ system. We used 100mm Ecotherm between the rafters with a further 70mm layer across the face.

The vaulted ceilings were insulated with 100mm Ecotherm and finished with a layer of 82.5mm Ecoliner (an insulated plasterboard). This was not entirely straightforward because we were installing plasterboard to a sloping ceiling and around a full height, oak-framed window. The finish of the plaster board was particularly neat and precise despite the complexity of the work.

We were working directly for H&S Drywall who gave us excellent feedback on the quality of work. We were also delighted to receive glowing praise directly from the main contractor (M&P Dunn Ltd); they were impressed by the quality of our work and also with the attitude and conduct of our installers who were described as ‘very professional and considerate’.

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    DECC announcement – Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) closed for applications with immediate effect

DECC announcement – Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) closed for applications with immediate effect

On Tuesday 22nd July, DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) announced changes to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund scheme which included a reduction in the cashback for solid wall insulation from £6000 to £4000. In order to obtain the £6000, applications had to be submitted by 11.59pm on Thursday night (24th July). Applications for £1000 towards a boiler with flue gas heat recovery had to be submitted by 4th August.

However, at around 6pm on Thursday 24th July, DECC closed the GDHIF altogether, without notice and with immediate effect.

A surge in applications since Tuesday’s announcement means that the allocated budget of £120 million has now been reached. However DECC has confirmed that all applications received prior to the fund closing will be honoured at the original rates (applications must satisfy the terms and conditions and meet the eligibility criteria).
The £120 million represents the value of vouchers APPLIED FOR under the scheme. DECC will be carefully monitoring the number of vouchers that are actually redeemed and will consider whether to launch a further offer should funds become available.

Essex Insulation would like to apologise to its customers for any inconvenience caused as a result of the early and unexpected closure of the GDHIF. This was entirely out of our control, but we will do everything we can to secure funding for as many customers as possible.

For further information, please follow the link below to DECC’s Press Release.

Changes to Green Deal Home Improvement Fund

On 22 July, the Government announced that applications for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) had reached £50 million in the first 6 weeks.
7,925 households in England and Wales have received vouchers under the scheme which provides money back on energy saving improvements. However, the initial rates offered were only guaranteed for the first £50 million, so changes have now been made to the scheme to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of it.

Solid Wall Insulation

From Friday 25th July, new applicants can receive 67% of the cost of installing solid wall insulation up to £4000. This has been reduced from £6000.

Householders who already have a voucher in place at the old rate of £6000 will still be able to use it as long as the installation takes place within 6 months of the voucher being issued.
Householders who have an EPC in place but have not yet claimed their voucher should do so by Thursday 24th July in order to secure the £6000 rate. For further advice, call our Customer Support team NOW on 01268 72 44 55.

Condensing Boilers

The GDHIF was providing £1000 towards a new condensing boiler if it was combined with a Flue Gas Heat Recovery unit. However, the announcement on 22 July confirmed that Flue Gas Heat Recovery units will be removed from the list of approved measures with effect from Tuesday 5th August. From this date, a boiler replacement will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for funding unless it is combined with another measure from a list of 11 (eg. cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, secondary glazing).

Customers who have had a quote for a boiler with flue gas heat recovery should contact us URGENTLY so [...]