On 22 July, the Government announced that applications for the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund (GDHIF) had reached £50 million in the first 6 weeks.
7,925 households in England and Wales have received vouchers under the scheme which provides money back on energy saving improvements. However, the initial rates offered were only guaranteed for the first £50 million, so changes have now been made to the scheme to ensure that as many people as possible can take advantage of it.

Solid Wall Insulation

From Friday 25th July, new applicants can receive 67% of the cost of installing solid wall insulation up to £4000. This has been reduced from £6000.

Householders who already have a voucher in place at the old rate of £6000 will still be able to use it as long as the installation takes place within 6 months of the voucher being issued.
Householders who have an EPC in place but have not yet claimed their voucher should do so by Thursday 24th July in order to secure the £6000 rate. For further advice, call our Customer Support team NOW on 01268 72 44 55.

Condensing Boilers

The GDHIF was providing £1000 towards a new condensing boiler if it was combined with a Flue Gas Heat Recovery unit. However, the announcement on 22 July confirmed that Flue Gas Heat Recovery units will be removed from the list of approved measures with effect from Tuesday 5th August. From this date, a boiler replacement will NOT BE ELIGIBLE for funding unless it is combined with another measure from a list of 11 (eg. cavity wall insulation, floor insulation, secondary glazing).

Customers who have had a quote for a boiler with flue gas heat recovery should contact us URGENTLY so that we can carry out a Green Deal Assessment Report and apply for the voucher before the closing date of 5th August. Any boiler quotes accepted after this date will NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR £1000 FUNDING.

The new Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Climate Change, Amber Rudd, is delighted that so many families have already taken advantage of the generous GDHIF offer, and she confirmed that there is up to £120 million in the pot for this year. However with £50 million already claimed in the first 6 weeks, householders should act quickly if they want to benefit from the funding.