Essex Insulation has just completed an insulation and dry lining job at a large new build property in Howe Green. We were asked to insulate the sloping rafters in the loft space and vaulted ceilings in two of the bedrooms and the dining area.

Our estimating team was able to adapt the specification to use an alternative product that still achieved the required U-Values. This reduced the cost to the client by 28%. We also adapted the method applied to the exposed steel beams to give a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

The sloping rafters in the loft space were insulated as part of a ‘warm roof’ system. We used 100mm Ecotherm between the rafters with a further 70mm layer across the face.

The vaulted ceilings were insulated with 100mm Ecotherm and finished with a layer of 82.5mm Ecoliner (an insulated plasterboard). This was not entirely straightforward because we were installing plasterboard to a sloping ceiling and around a full height, oak-framed window. The finish of the plaster board was particularly neat and precise despite the complexity of the work.

We were working directly for H&S Drywall who gave us excellent feedback on the quality of work. We were also delighted to receive glowing praise directly from the main contractor (M&P Dunn Ltd); they were impressed by the quality of our work and also with the attitude and conduct of our installers who were described as ‘very professional and considerate’.