InBuild works in partnership with Local Authorities and Housing Associations to help them meet their carbon reduction targets in the most cost effective way and to assist them in building a low carbon, sustainable future for their local area.

Partnership and support is offered at various stages in the process to suit the needs of the client.

Stage 1: Survey & Assessment

In some cases, the starting point for a carbon reduction plan is an assessment of the existing housing stock and this can be done at different levels.

House Condition Survey
– this will assess the building fabric plus internal energy efficiency components of the property

Energy Efficiency (non-intrusive) EPC survey
– following a House Condition Survey, this will help to measure a property’s energy efficiency and produce a SAP rating

Energy Efficiency (intrusive) EPC plus Occupancy Assessment
– this is more personal to the occupants and will identify actual energy usage in a particular property. It will produce a detailed report on a package of appropriate energy saving measures with behavioural advice on free and low cost ways to reduce energy use in the property.

Stage 2: Strategy Development

Based on the results of any assessments, and in consultation with the Housing Provider Partner, InBuild will suggest strategies for improving energy efficiency and carbon reduction, alleviating fuel poverty and developing renewable energy solutions.

Stage 3: Funding Advice

Once a strategy has been agreed that meets the needs and objectives of the Housing Provider Partner, InBuild will investigate potential funding streams and provide a detailed quotation together with projected energy savings
and payback periods.

Stage 4: Community Liaison

It is vital to communicate the strategy, and the reasons behind it, to the local community in an effective and transparent manner. Tenants need to understand exactly which measures are being installed, how this will be done, what they can expect to happen as a result and most importantly, what their responsibilities will be to achieve the maximum advantage from the improvements. InBuild has a wealth of experience to draw from in this respect and can ensure that community liaison is dealt with appropriately and effectively throughout the whole process.

Stage 5: Implementation

Often starting with a pilot scheme of just a few properties, InBuild will arrange the installation of the energy saving measures identified and agreed upon as being the most effective. Health and Safety compliance, and adherence to strict quality standards are of paramount importance. Regular communication will ensure that all parties, including the tenants, are aware of and understand the programme of works and the outcomes achieved as a result.
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Case Studies

Aragon Housing

Aragon Housing is one of the largest providers of affordable housing in Bedfordshire. They appointed The Building Partnership to undertake rendering and associated works to 5 of their properties in Potton, Bedfordshire.

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Radian – Social Residential Landlord is an award winning organisation providing nearly 21,000 affordable homes across eight counties. Most of their housing stock is general needs housing, but also includes a significant portfolio of sheltered and supported housing.

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South Essex Homes – BISF Homes Upgrade

South Essex Homes (SEH) own a number of British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) properties that were built in 1945 as temporary post-war homes. The main structure is formed of steel columns; the ground floor is clad with rendering on metal lath and the outer cladding of the upper floor is of steel trussed sheeting.

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Park Homes, Horsham District Council

InBuild has been insulating Park Homes for several years. Having recognised a need to improve the poor thermal performance of Park Homes, the Company has worked with system designers to find an external wall insulation solution that keeps disruption to a minimum.

InBuild worked on a project with Horsham District Council as part of a trial solid wall initiative with DECC and NEA. We developed a bespoke solution which satisfied OFGEM criteria and enabled over 80 Park Homes to be retrofitted with solid wall energy efficiency measures.

Ken & Daphne Peters had their home externally insulated by InBuild. They said:

“We have noticed quite a difference… we do not leave the heating on at night but find the rooms keep warm and cosy. Also not having to worry about outside decorating is a great relief.”


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