Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF)

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ICF is an insulated in-situ concrete system of building based on strong, hollow lightweight block components made from flame retardant Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). These blocks lock together without intermediate bedding materials, such as mortar, to provide a formwork system into which concrete is poured. This system gives the designer complete flexibility and allows the use of curves, arches, intricate patterns and a wide variety of finishes.

An ICF building can look like any other by adding brick slip systems, timber cladding, render or commercial cladding systems. ICFs have been used in the construction industry for more than 50 years. The ICF Tech system that we use has been designed specifically for the UK market, complying with Building Regulations and British Standards.

  • Finished wall U-values 0.19W/m2 K and air leakage of less than 0.74 m3/m2/h (depending on build specification) – automatically exceed Part L of Building Regulations. Easier to achieve higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes. SAP ratings can be achieved using only a gas condensing boiler.
  • Rapid erection speed – up to 8m2/hr per installer using a trained 3 man team. A semi-detached building with a footprint of 112m2 can be watertight in 3½ weeks.
  • BRE assessed green guide A+ rating.
  • Build all year round – unlike timber frame or brick/block.
  • Easily meets party wall sound requirements.
  • System uses fire retardant EPS, polypropylene webs and concrete, products that have a life span of 50+ years if undamaged.
  • Easy repair & maintenance – any damaged EPS can be replaced at focal points.
  • Compatible with any type of floor or roof system.
  • The fabric of the building is waterproof so will perform better in the event of flooding.

Why choose ICF for large building sites?

Building with ICF on large sites brings additional benefits. On a site made up of semi-detached homes with masonry construction and a 200mm cavity, there would be space for 1 extra property for every 19 plots built by switching to ICF. Alternatively the floor area for each property could be increased by 7%.

Where the site is made up of semi-detached masonry properties with a 120mm cavity, ICF would allow 1 extra property for every 87 plots, or an increase in floor area of 2%.

Heating bills will be reduced due to air tightness and high insulation standards.

Enhanced sound insulation will reduce noise from outside and through a party wall.

EPS does not degrade over time and concrete has been recorded to perform over hundreds of years. The fabric of the house is waterproof so will perform better in the event of flooding.

Any external finish can be chosen according to taste and location.

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Case Studies

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